First Tonio Demo

It’s been a while since we heard from Zero-G about their latest Vocaloid, Tonio, the male counterpart for Prima. Well, luckily for us MasterVocaloid/Giuseppe has release Tonio’s first demo today.

Still no word on when Tonio is to be release, but seeing this demo gives me hope that he will be available or purchase soon.


Continua: Miriam’s latest Album

(Picture taken from Piapro)

Kellplanet, a producer who has been recording in Toronto since 2002. Has recently release an album featuring Vocaloid Miriam, called Continua. Like most of Kellplant’s work, Continua features relaxing jazz music with minimal vocals.

At the moment the album is not ready for purchase, but you can listen to it a

Vocaloid music to be featured in RPG

(Screenshot of AD Lucem)

Kodakami ,or Koda-P as he would like to be known in the world of Vocaloids, has recently shared that the developers of an freeware RPG has agreed to using Vocaloids Big Al, Lola, and Miriam for the music in their upcoming game AD Lucem.

Here is a example of one of the Vocaloid songs featured in the game:

AD Lucem

The lyrics are written in a made up language so don’t bother trying to understand it.

To hear more of Koda-P work, please click here.

To hear more of AD Lucem soundtrack, please click here.

Have a Vocaloid or Utau?


(Picture taken for

Recently Vocaloid Otaku added a thread where English speaking lyricists, artists,fandubbers and producers can get together and collaborate and critique each other.

The forum has only been up for one day and already there are also some Vocaloid Challenges and Projects in the process.

If you are any of the things listed above this would be a great place for you to show off your work.

So-Pop Now on Youtube

So-Pop now has his own account on youtube. If you don’t know who he is, he is the same guy who made Sonika’s Version of 99 Red Balloons and Dinky Dink and now Come to me.

If you want to hear more of So-pop work please subscribe to him.

Spotlight: Eager Love

This work is one of “Koi wa Sennou” (恋は洗脳, Love is Brainwashing) project. This was a project of producing the re-mixed versions of ryo’s “Love is War”. It was planned by Wakusei-P. And many producers participated to this project. The total exhibition of this project was Sep.16,2009. -Copy & Pasta from Ymiss

The remix you hear above”Eager Love” was created by IsdP/AnmerutsuP. He also made Sweet Ann’s Melt 3M Mix,Luka Luka Night fever ft.Sweet Ann, Salamander, and so many other famous Sweet Ann works.

Producer page *Updated*

I added links to AisuP,AkyuP, and AndromecaP songs. I also added Love is Brainwash to IsdP song list.