Interview: Bil Bryant (Production and CEO of PowerFX)

(Picture done by Art-chan )

Recently, I was able to get an interview with the CEO of PowerFX. In the interview he explains the development of Big Al, how PowerFX got invlove making Vocaloids, talk of Vocaloid boy band…and wait! A Sweet Ann competition.
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Vocaloid Big Al’s Item

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While Sonika’s item is still up for debate, it seems that western Vocaloid fans have come to a decision on Big Al’s item. (Of course I am taken this information from sites where Big Al has been discuss the most VO and YT)

A pocket watch has been chosen for Big Al’s main item. The item was chosen because:

-It is a joke on Big Al’s lateness arrival
-It can be incorporated in PV’s and Songs
-It’s small and portable, like other Vocaloid items
-It’s not a food item (Fans are starting to get tired of food items)

However, his secondary item, which will be used for when he and Vocaloid Sweet Ann are together, is a Race car. The item was chosen because:

-It is also a joke on Big Al’s late arrival
-Big Al jacket looks similar to a racecar driver
-It’s similar to Len/Rin’s roadroller

However, whether this item choice is final all depends on what happen when Big Al is release. For an item to stick they usually have to be a lot of videos and fanart of said item with the Vocaloid for the meme to become permitted. But will worrying about that in the future. For the moment Big Al’s item is a pocket watch.

FLELE: Christmas Edition Sweet Ann

Download here.

If you forgot how to download FLELE shells or don’t know how to get a FLELE. Please click here.

Vocaloid Daily Ranking #668

Let’s get off of Big Al for a bit, shall we?

In the latest VDR Sweet Ann’s and Miku’s song Akiboshi was ranked B with 242 views, 70 comments, and 37 added to Mylists.

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Get Your Cosplay On

ACParadise is holding a Vocaloid contest.

1. This contest is open to both MALES and FEMALES, and you must be a registered member of ACP or ACE.
2. Entries must be from the series listed above
3. Entries will be accepted through our contest form only.
4. Entries will be accepted until the deadline listed above.
5. Group entries and pictures are allowed, but one person must be in charge of the group for contact information and prizes.
6. If you are a winner and are not in the US, you must have a US resident receive the prize.
7. Only one contest entry per user member account

Note: Because 99% of Vocaloid stuff is fanmade, The site is allowing all images of Vocaloid. Gender-bents, Spin-offs, clothes from PVs. But any entry must include a reference picture and/or the name of the song that the outfit is based from, along with a website link.

1st Place – Sega’s Hatsune Miku: Project Diva PSP Game Limited Edition (Plus Nendoroid Figure)

For more info please go here.

Spicy Andy and Bitter Annie FLELE now available

(Created by Kimicatdemon)

To download please go here

If you forgot how to download FLELE shells or don’t know how to get a FLELE. Please click here.

Sega accepting fan entries for Project Diva


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Sega announced today that they will soon be bringing the Vocaloid-themed PSP rhythm game Project Diva to arcades. Not only that, but between October 15th and Halloween, they’ll be accepting fan-contributed songs for inclusion in its soundtrack.

Songs can be entered for consideration via the game’s new channel on Nico Nico Douga, and both pro and amatuer Vocaloid Masters are welcome to try out. The tracks must be all-original material, obviously, and should run between 2:30 and 3:30 in length. Winning songs will be announced on the Nico Nico page November 16th, and their creators will be showered with Hatsune Miku swag as a reward. They’ll also get to hear their track included in the game’s location in January, and probably in the final game as well.

Little is known about the arcade version at this point, partiularly about its control scheme and interface. If you’ve got a Nico Nico account, you can check out a teaser clip of the game. It doesn’t show much aside from the new character models, but they themselves look great, and the clip is set to Ryo/Supercell’s Meruto, which is always nice to hear. Equally as nice is hearing the classic “Sayyy-Guh” Sega intro as spoken by Miku herself. We’ll bring you more info on this title as it becomes available.

(Copy pasta from Destructoid)

What is most interesting about this news is that it doesn’t specify if you have to use Crypton Vocaloids only. Which make me think that it is possible that Vocaloids from all companies (Internet Co.,Zero-G, and PowerFX) can be used.