Have a Vocaloid or Utau?


(Picture taken for Piapro.jp)

Recently Vocaloid Otaku added a thread where English speaking lyricists, artists,fandubbers and producers can get together and collaborate and critique each other.

The forum has only been up for one day and already there are also some Vocaloid Challenges and Projects in the process.

If you are any of the things listed above this would be a great place for you to show off your work.


One Response to “Have a Vocaloid or Utau?”

  1. Masaichu Says:

    Thanks for the info, I might pop over there and see what’s up xD. I love your site, the Engloids need far more love then they get. I’ve written a few stories on them and plan more, though I have to thank you for the in-depth info on them. That helped a lot XD.

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