Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #126

In this weeks Vocaloid Ranking Big Al’s The Geisha Girl, which was produced by kihirohito-P, was ranked #79. Here’s hoping that this weird song makes it to the top 30s next week.

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Daily Vocaloid Ranking #707

In the latest Vocaloid Ranking Big Al’s version of Toeto was ranked #7 with 3,218 views, 254 comments, and 230 added to Mylists. Giving the video a total of 7,428 points.

The original song was done by Luka Megurine and produced by Toraboruta-P. This Big Al cover was produced by Sasasa-P.

Vocaloid Daily Ranking #692

Hello, Engloid fans. We start the new year off with Prima and Big Al getting on the latest Daily Ranking.

The song AIMS is of course made by the popular producer Shu-t. It features Kagmine Rin and Meiko singing the main vocals, while Big Al and Prima are the chorus. The video was ranked #C with 722 views, 68 comments, and 115 added to mylist giving it a total of 2,651 points.

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Vocaloid Daily Ranking #672

Kaito and Miriam’s song Paganism was ranked E in the latest Vocaloid Ranking with 512 views, 33 comments, and 76 added to mylists.

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Vocaloid Daily Ranking #668

Let’s get off of Big Al for a bit, shall we?

In the latest VDR Sweet Ann’s and Miku’s song Akiboshi was ranked B with 242 views, 70 comments, and 37 added to Mylists.

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Daily Vocaloid Ranking #645

Leon, Kaito, Miku, and Gackpoid’s version of Ryuuseigun was ranked #a with 56,179 views, 14,520 comments, and 2,752 added to mylist.

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Daily Vocaloid Ranking #640

Lola, Miku, Kaito, and Meiko’s Shouted Star was ranked #3 with 3,743 views, 487 comments, and 299 added to mylist.

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