Kion Duo
Creator: Wryvnn/Crossfrown Type: Shota Item: Voodoo Dolls

Kion hates most people, especially Leon, though often time Leon seems to be oblivious of the boy’s hatred for him. His voice is very high and whiny. An example of it can be seen here.

Creator: Wryvnn/Crossfrown Type: Yandere(?) Item: ?

Zeon is a spirit trapped inside a mirror that likes to posses other vocaloids body for fun. He first appeared in Crossfrown’s Phantom pv. It is said that he is suppose the represent Leon’s deeper voice.

Creator: ? Type: Gender Bent Item:?

Leona first appeared singing Interstllar Flight. Her voice is very high pitch and is often times confused with Kion’s

Beta Leon

Creator:Sakurai Type: ? Item:?

Horror Leon

Creator: Sakurai Type: Yandere(?) Item:?


Lola Allen

Creator: Wryvnn/Crossfrown Type:Loli, Tomboy Item: ?

Lola Allen is the opposite of Lola’s tsundere nature.


Creator: 楠木あさとさん Type: Gender Bent Item: ?

Wiriam/William is the gender bent version of Miriam. An example of his voice can be seen here.


Creator: Tsutomu-Teruko/Therubozu Type: Fail Item: Pen(?)

Fruscia is Prima’s fail. She is known to be very quiet and soft spoken.

Creator:Tsutomu-Teruko/Therubozu Type: Tsundere Item: ?


Spicy Andy
Creator:Kimicatdemon Type: Gender bent Item: Cane

Genber bent version of Sweet Ann. Example of his voice can be see here.

Bitter Annie
Creator: Kimicatdemon Type: Fail, Yandere Item: Box cutter

Bitter Annie is grouchy, mean, and not fun to be around, basically she just bitter.Example of her voice can be seen here.

Sweet Ani
Creator: ? Type: Gender bent Item: ?

Gender bent version of Sweet Ann. He first appeared in Street Children pv with Sweet Ann and Luka. His voice is softer than Spicy Andy.

Sour Anna
Creator:Nekokitsune Type: Yandere Item: Lemon

Sour Anna is Sweet Ann’s cousin three times remove. She likes sour food and candy. Her voice can be heard null.

Amane Ann/Sweet Tann
Creator:? Type: Ganguro(?) Item: Guitar(?)

Amane Ann is a darker skin version of Sweet Ann Her skin was darkened in order to make her look like Diana Ross.


Sona Le Ni
Creator:Corgi9 Type: ? Item: Stuffed Corgi

Sona is a little girl, who is sweet and kind. her voice is a higher version of the newest English vocaloid, Sonika.


9 Responses to “Fanmades”

  1. ricardo carrera Says:

    mentions a lourdes

    • Ricardo Carrera Says:

      mention a Lourdes
      she is recognized as the original Lola fanmade by WIKI

  2. Kimicatdemon Says:

    Apprently Amane Ann isn’t a fan made, but rather an alternative title for Ann due to her tan skin on her box art.


  3. MegurineLukaCV03 Says:

    leona is wearing ranka lee’s outfit…it’s cute!!!!!!!

  4. MegurineLukaCV03 Says:

    Mistake in website.but still.LEONA IS SO CUTE

    • engloids Says:

      What mistake?

  5. MegurineLukaCV03 Says:

    deviantart website.supposed 2 go 2 mah page :3

  6. Me Says:

    Please, don’t care about ricardo carrera, he’s a noob at vocaloid and he also plagiarize pictures to his fanmade.

    Also Linoloid has a very bad pitch for Lola, she (Linoloid) sounds really horrible.

    I apologize for that acussations, but it’s the truth. Also he stoles vsq and dub’s lyrics for his songs without permission.

    Thank you and I apolpgize for the inconvenienze.

    • ricardo carrera Says:

      others also do
      I do the VSQ’s,
      and if i use it, ask permission and mention his/her
      Sango312, Giuseppe
      but i make basaded of Midi

      if Lourdes sounds terrible, is more popular than the present.
      she has her own songs in Japanese, English and Spanish, but i don’t upload.
      I’m not like other YouTube users, I have the ability to create lyrics that people like (Melancholy. Exe for example)
      if you do not mention her, I do not care, but has a reputation, and will be more popular, Whether in Latin America(YouTube)(Devianart) or japan(NicoNicoDouga)(Piapro)

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