Zero-G doesn’t play fair/Winner of Sonika’s New Look


So the winner of the contest is Mario Wibisono

Now while this art work is beautiful, I do have some certain problems with it.

One, is that images of this box-art was leaked on the net about 2 days before the contest ended. Hell, it was even shown in the December’s production catalog for Crypton. Which mean Zero-G could have made their decision a week before the contest ended. And it really irks me that they didn’t give everyone a fair chance to enter the competition.

Another thing is that for English Vocaloid the box-art is incredibly Japanese looking. So if you had problems trying to tell people that there are no American vocaloids, wait until you have to convince people that Sonika isn’t a Japanese Vocaloid.

And If anyone thinks I’m upset because I didn’t win the contest be aware that I didn’t enter the competiton at all, I already have Sonika, and I can’t draw worth crap.

Also despite what I said about the box-art I have nothing against the artist, I think it looks very beautiful. I just hate how Zero-G didn’t even follow their own rules in their first and probably only Vocaloid contest.

EDIT: As I think about this more, I can’t help but think that Zero-G never really planned to use any of the entries submitted in their contest, it is possible that Mario was working for Zero-G at the start and they used the contest as excused the change to box-art.


Vocaloidism seems to assume that this isn’t the real winner of the contest but just commissioned work.


If you read the link above you will see a forum where a person who works for Zero-G asking for advice on how to promote Engloids. What is interesting is that after posting the, now new Sonika look on the forum The Zero-G employee writes:

it’s one of the many fan-arts that have been accumulating. There is a make over contest… Nothing is official yet.

This remark was made on Nov 27, the image was leaked on Crypton Catalog 28th, contest ended Nov 30th.


Help me, help you

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