In-Depth Character Analysis: Sweet Ann


In January 2007, Yamaha announced a new version of the Vocaloid engine, Vocaloid2. A few months later a Swedish company name PowerFX will release the first Vocaloid2 package, Sweet Ann. Unlike Zero-G, PowerFX actually advertised their Vocaloid. They gave Sweet Ann her own Myspace and uploaded her demo songs to youtube, which gain some attention from the Vocaloid community.

Sweet Ann was a huge improvement over the earlier vocaloids. She was easy to use and her voice was smooth and powerful. However because of her ‘creepy’ box arts Vocaloid fans (mostly Western) did not take like to her.

Nico Nico producers accepted Sweet Ann, but of course they couldn’t help but make fun of her box art. There is a joke running around on Nico Nico where producers make beams shoot from Sweet Ann’s eyes. Similar to the beams that Mikuru uses on the popular anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Sweet Ann’s box art has also caused some confusion in the Vocaloid fandom. If you look at Sweet Ann’s neck it seems like she has stitches, which is why most fanart shows her with stitches across her body, but in reality the thing around her neck is most likely a choker/necklace.

Andromeca, one of the few Nico Nico producers who uses Sweet Ann, was upset with the virtual vocalist box art and decided to draw her a more attractive image, and soon other artist followed.

It seems that Sweet Ann has quite a large bust size compare to the other female Vocaloids. In the song Bust-uranai no Uta which is sung by Vocaloid Leon (or Kaito depending on which one you look at) Sweet Ann was label as the highest breast size, size F (which equals to a size C in most western countries). The reason for Sweet Ann’s huge bust is mostly brought own by Japanese stereotypes who believe western women have big breast.

When Vocaloid Luka was release Nico Nico producers noticed that she sounded similar to Sweet Ann. It is because of this reason why the two vocaloids are paired together when it comes to singing English songs. Some producers has gone as far to recolor Luka’s hair to yellow, so they can use the image for their Sweet Ann videos.

When it comes to personality Sweet Ann is usually portrayed as nice/helpful or a Vixen. Her item is fried chicken, though I can not give a reason why that item was chosen for her. Because Sweet Ann seems older then most Vocaloids it is said that she does not like to discuss her age.

Sweet Ann also has her own MMD model making her the first and so far only English Vocaloid to be featured in Miku Miku Dance.

In Japanese fannon, people seem to like BigAl/SweetAnn. Probably because they both seem to have ‘stitches’ across their body.

In Western fannon, a lot of people seem supportive of the pairing SweetAnnXGackpoid. However the pairing is most likely one sided seeing how Sweet Ann is often portrayed as the stalker girlfriend and Gackpoid as the boyfriend that just can’t seem to get away from her.

If some of you feel that some of the info listed above is inaccurate or want to add something to it please leave a comment.

Next In-depth character analysis will be Prima’s


5 Responses to “In-Depth Character Analysis: Sweet Ann”

  1. Kimicatdemon Says:

    Hmm…I think the part about Ann’s stitches may or may not be true. All in all, I think that may be something for the fans to decide. I personally think they are stitches, but that story goes a bit deep and off topic from the point of this blog.

    Second, I AM SOMEWHAT TO BLAME FOR THE FRIED CHICKEN THING. You see, I did not know what her meme item was, so I asked around a bit and the first actual response I got was: Fried chicken. srsly.
    So after laughing a lung out at the thought of that, I just went along with it and it sorta became offical over time. :C
    But it’s okay, She still has honey mustard to go with her chicken…or BBQ….or chipotle…hmmm…too many descions. =w=/

    • Crossfrown Says:

      The only reason it was fried chicken was because me and Teru were brainstorming and she chose it completely at random. |||orz

      We are horrible role models for the English Vocaloid fandom.

  2. Andromeca now on Youtube « Engloids's Blog Says:

    […] Vocaloids: More than j…Unicogirl on English Vocaloids: More than j…Crossfrown on In-Depth Character Analysis: S…Crossfrown on Introduction to the English…Kimicatdemon on More […]

  3. Kathryn Kefferson Says:

    Oh dear, when I heard F-size cup I was quite alarmed! Thank goodness you meant that it’s C-size. v_v;;

  4. Musella Says:

    I’m french, sorry for faults and other expressions.

    I’ve tried both Sweet Ann and Prima and what I’ve seen is :
    It’s not the same goal !

    If you make say “LA” to Prima you will hear “LO” in medium score and “LAW” in hight
    Sweet Ann says “LA” in both case but Prima sound more like Lyric Opera in hight score but in low… the sound are noisy !

    So I prefer Sweet Ann because she’s polyvalent and if to try to make sing “Voi che sapete” to Sweet Ann, only 3 words are not pronounced and have to be arrange but the others are very clear.

    And you are right, the photo on Sweet Ann package is very special !
    But, the more important is the inside !

    The difficulty for me is to translate in phonetic to obtain a quite good prononciation but it’s not so bad !

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