Andromeca now on Youtube

I mention Andromeca before in my Character Analysis with Sweet Ann, but I guess I’ll try to go into further detail now.

Andromeca is one of the few producers on Nico Nico who uses Sweet Ann and he uses quite a lot. He’s very good at making techno and pop songs. He’s most well known work is Sweet Ann’s The Castle of Sand.

(Though personally I like what he did with Prima’s Falsky)

He also uploaded the first Sonika song to Nico Nico. Now he’s done another song with the newest vocaloid and uploaded it to both Douga and Youtube.

I don’t think he’s going to upload his other works since they already been uploaded by other people. But if your a huge Sweet Ann fan, it might be a good ideal to subscribe to him.


One Response to “Andromeca now on Youtube”

  1. kimicatdemon Says:

    Awesome. Subscirbed! Thanks for the info!

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