Vocaloid music to be featured in RPG

(Screenshot of AD Lucem)

Kodakami ,or Koda-P as he would like to be known in the world of Vocaloids, has recently shared that the developers of an freeware RPG has agreed to using Vocaloids Big Al, Lola, and Miriam for the music in their upcoming game AD Lucem.

Here is a example of one of the Vocaloid songs featured in the game:

AD Lucem

The lyrics are written in a made up language so don’t bother trying to understand it.

To hear more of Koda-P work, please click here.

To hear more of AD Lucem soundtrack, please click here.


Vocaloid Big Al face downloading issues *Updated*

I’ve been searching the web and noticed that a lot of people seem to be having download issue with Vocaloid Big Al. Fortunately, PowerFX has caught on to this as well, and is trying to fix the problem as we speak. But because of this issue I would like to ask every one to hold off buying Big Al until the problem is fixed. I will update later once the problem has been solved.

Edit: So according to PowerFX, there wasn’t a problem with the download, it was just that Big Al was just too Big… 2.7 GB in fact. But don’t worry PowerFX has added another download which is only 1.7 GB. Also if your connection failed before they will send you a custom burnt cd/provide alternate download link free of charge.

BIG AL IS HERE(And this time I mean it)

(Picture taken from Pixiv )

Yes, that right everyone. Big Al is now available for the download price of $149. You can purchase him here.

I can’t wait to see all the lovely songs you guys make with him.

(Also I recommend you guys listen to his demos on the site. They are really impressive)

EDIT: Once again thanks to the awesome people at VO, I was able to obtain the demos from Big Al site.

FLELE: Christmas Edition Sweet Ann

Download here.

If you forgot how to download FLELE shells or don’t know how to get a FLELE. Please click here.

Spicy Andy and Bitter Annie FLELE now available

(Created by Kimicatdemon)

To download please go here

If you forgot how to download FLELE shells or don’t know how to get a FLELE. Please click here.

Get your christmas list ready!


Leon, Lola, and Miriam are now at the discount price of $80 each(originally 199.95). I’m not sure why the sudden price change, but I think it has something to do with Sonika selling so well.

To buy Vocaloids please go to Zero-G’s download site here.

Get Sweet Ann Flele


Kimicatdemon has made a Sweet Ann Flele and you can download it here

If you followed the steps from last time

All you have to do is Extract the file to FLELE>ssp_flele_miku>ghost>flele_aya>shell