English Vocaloids: More than just a paragraph


I am severely bother by the fact that Vocaloid Wikia has an individual page for Sonika, but not for the other English Vocaloids. Sure they have an individual page for Leon, but it’s so low on information that there is no point for the separate page.

Now I wasn’t bother by the fact that before Sonika’s release, All English Vocaloid information was together on one page with barely 3 sentence for each one explaining who they were. Did I think each Vocaloid deserve their own page at the time? Yes. Why I wasn’t bother with it was because I’m an Engloids lover, and I’m use to seeing English Vocaloids getting the short end of the stick.

However, When Sonika came out and I saw a few weeks later that she had her own page, I was a bit peeve, but I got really upset once saw the reason the other Vocaloids didn’t get there own pages.

According to Vocaloid Wikia no one cares enough or know enough to give the other Engloids their own pages. However the real truth is no one a Vocaloid wikia cares about the English Vocaloid and are to lazy to search the internet for an hour to find more information about them. How do I know it would only take an hour because that how long it takes me to find information for my In-Depth Character analysis series.

People may be thinking I’m just attacking the site, because I want more lurve for English Vocaloids. But the truth is it’s more than that.

The way Vocaloid Wikia portrays English Vocaloids on their site make it seems they shouldn’t even be worth mentioning in the fandom. Then again I’ve also noticed that they don’t seem to have a lot information for some Japanese Vocaloids such as Meiko and Kaito. In fact the only real work they seem to have put on a page is Hatsune Miku. Which is sad seeing as how the Vocaloid history goes so much deeper than Miku.

And yes, I know I can add/edit pages on Wikia myself, but I’m not exactly sure how Wikia works and I don’t want to mess anything up on the site. Plus even if I did it still wouldn’t lessen my anger on how Vocaloid Wikia treated English Vocaloids on their site so far.

I think it would be better if the site just got rid of the English Vocaloid section, that way people can just look for information about the Engloids themselves, which would be a much better option in my opinion. Because honestly the English Vocaloids are so much more than just a paragraph.