Talk of Vocaloid3

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Remember that rumor about a Vocaloid 3 engine coming in the future. Well, at CEATEC JAPAN 2009, Yamaha talked about insinuated vocaloid3. More info will be reveal later about the topic.


Sonika, Sonika,Sonika


So what’s going on with our newest vocaloid lately.

Well, it’s seems that Zero-G might change Sonika’s Look. On the Vocaloid’s recent twitter she ask her fans should she get a makeover.

It’s obvious the the sudden interest of a change is brought by the fact that people seems to think that Sonika looks a lot like the newest Japanese Vocaloid, Gumi.

Whether Sonika gets a new look or not is up to the fans to decide.

The Next Generation

As some of you know there are only 2 generations to Vocaloid series. Leon, Lola, Miriam, Kaito, and Meiko making up generation 1 and Miku, Luka, The Kagamines, Gackpoid, Gumi, Prima, Sweet Ann, and Sonika making up generation 2.

However, a video has been posted on both Nico Nico and Youtube announcing Vocaloid 3.

Looking at the video it’s hard to tell if the information is true. The Vocaloid in the video looks more like a badly drawn Utau, and let not forget Nico Nico user are known for there pranks such a Teto being announce as a new vocaloid on April Fools day.

Wheither if it’s a joke or not, will find out in the year 2011.