Tonio available for July 14th?

According to Zero-G site the latest male Vocaloid, Tonio, will be available for download and shipping on July 14th. The price is still $179 for downloadable version and $200 for boxed set version.


2 Responses to “Tonio available for July 14th?”

  1. Zenoxy Says:

    The latter part was amazing, but as it was building up….well I sort of wanted to be swept off my feet BEFORE the first 30 seconds.

    He sounds a bit dull and sort of hard to understand…similar to Sonika’s slurring xD

    and I know this song in it native too!

  2. Dookie Says:

    I think the people at Zero-G have no idea how to handle the Vocaloids they make. Tonio has potential it would seem but sounds pretty bad.

    GUMI’s “Sayonara Memories” sounded like it was real. It would be interesting if they could figure out how to do that.

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