First Tonio Demo

It’s been a while since we heard from Zero-G about their latest Vocaloid, Tonio, the male counterpart for Prima. Well, luckily for us MasterVocaloid/Giuseppe has release Tonio’s first demo today.

Still no word on when Tonio is to be release, but seeing this demo gives me hope that he will be available or purchase soon.


3 Responses to “First Tonio Demo”

  1. 「iVocaloid」– 「iVocaloid」 ミクミク同萌 X 圣城ACGN学院 Says:

    […] >>Engloids’s Blog「First Tonio Demo」 […]

  2. Demo Says:


  3. Angelette Says:

    He’s supposed to be released mid July. I’m actually liking him. Sadly I know this is in bad taste but I want to hear a magnet with Tonio and Big Al. That irritates me so much, but…just sorry.

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