Zero-G doesn’t play fair/Winner of Sonika’s New Look


So the winner of the contest is Mario Wibisono

Now while this art work is beautiful, I do have some certain problems with it.

One, is that images of this box-art was leaked on the net about 2 days before the contest ended. Hell, it was even shown in the December’s production catalog for Crypton. Which mean Zero-G could have made their decision a week before the contest ended. And it really irks me that they didn’t give everyone a fair chance to enter the competition.

Another thing is that for English Vocaloid the box-art is incredibly Japanese looking. So if you had problems trying to tell people that there are no American vocaloids, wait until you have to convince people that Sonika isn’t a Japanese Vocaloid.

And If anyone thinks I’m upset because I didn’t win the contest be aware that I didn’t enter the competiton at all, I already have Sonika, and I can’t draw worth crap.

Also despite what I said about the box-art I have nothing against the artist, I think it looks very beautiful. I just hate how Zero-G didn’t even follow their own rules in their first and probably only Vocaloid contest.

EDIT: As I think about this more, I can’t help but think that Zero-G never really planned to use any of the entries submitted in their contest, it is possible that Mario was working for Zero-G at the start and they used the contest as excused the change to box-art.


Vocaloidism seems to assume that this isn’t the real winner of the contest but just commissioned work.


If you read the link above you will see a forum where a person who works for Zero-G asking for advice on how to promote Engloids. What is interesting is that after posting the, now new Sonika look on the forum The Zero-G employee writes:

it’s one of the many fan-arts that have been accumulating. There is a make over contest… Nothing is official yet.

This remark was made on Nov 27, the image was leaked on Crypton Catalog 28th, contest ended Nov 30th.


8 Responses to “Zero-G doesn’t play fair/Winner of Sonika’s New Look”

  1. Miya Says:

    It’s good art work and all…but your right when you say it looks Japanese. I like the way she looked before.

  2. Jay Says:

    I feel a bit sad about the cover too. mostly because I was excited to see a full vocaloid outfit for sonika and didn’t get that. Hahahaha.

    It doesn’t really match her voice either… Sonikas voice is too meek and cute and it doesnt really look at her.

    IT IS beautiful but…. doesnt seem to fit in with vocaloid

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    • Decembirth Says:

      Thanks for the post.
      I wasn’t “upset”. I was just very confused about the whole thing.

      They shouldn’t have posted the boxart within the same time frame as the contest. If anyone at ZERO G is reading this. Please explain things ahead of time before you do something.

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  6. Kupo Says:

    Actually this isn’t the winner announced they just used that picture for some reason. I saw this picture up on way before the contest started so I’m not sure what Zero-g was thinking..

    • engloids Says:

      Yes, I know this is not the winner, I corrected this by writing a new article about it weeks ago. This is just the new box cover.

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