New Zero-G Vocaloid: Tonio

At NAMM,one of the largest music product trade shows in the world, Zero-G announced
a new male Vocaloid named Tonio. Like Prima, he is an opera singer and apparently has unprecedented singing quality and remarkable realism. As of yet, there is no demos of him singing but Tonio is planned to be release early this Feburary.

For more info on Tonio, please go here.


Don’t forget to blow out the candles!

(Picture done by Sinine-Taevas)

Hey, guys. I just wanted to post a little reminder that in a few more days, 3 English Vocaloids will be celebrating their birthdays.

The youngest celebrating will be our favorite little opera singer, Vocaloid Prima, who will be turning 2 on January 14th.

The next two birthdays is of course, Leon’s and Lola’s, who will be turning the big 5 on January the 15th.

So, if your a huge Engloid fan try to do something special on those days to show that your happy that these three softwares were created.

Vocaloid Daily Ranking #692

Hello, Engloid fans. We start the new year off with Prima and Big Al getting on the latest Daily Ranking.

The song AIMS is of course made by the popular producer Shu-t. It features Kagmine Rin and Meiko singing the main vocals, while Big Al and Prima are the chorus. The video was ranked #C with 722 views, 68 comments, and 115 added to mylist giving it a total of 2,651 points.

To see full ranking please go here.

Vocaloid Big Al face downloading issues *Updated*

I’ve been searching the web and noticed that a lot of people seem to be having download issue with Vocaloid Big Al. Fortunately, PowerFX has caught on to this as well, and is trying to fix the problem as we speak. But because of this issue I would like to ask every one to hold off buying Big Al until the problem is fixed. I will update later once the problem has been solved.

Edit: So according to PowerFX, there wasn’t a problem with the download, it was just that Big Al was just too Big… 2.7 GB in fact. But don’t worry PowerFX has added another download which is only 1.7 GB. Also if your connection failed before they will send you a custom burnt cd/provide alternate download link free of charge.

BIG AL IS HERE(And this time I mean it)

(Picture taken from Pixiv )

Yes, that right everyone. Big Al is now available for the download price of $149. You can purchase him here.

I can’t wait to see all the lovely songs you guys make with him.

(Also I recommend you guys listen to his demos on the site. They are really impressive)

EDIT: Once again thanks to the awesome people at VO, I was able to obtain the demos from Big Al site.

Join Engloids on DA and win a chance for a 1 month Sub

Engloids, a club I have created on DeviantArt, is now having 2 contests in celebration of Leon, Lola, and Prima’s upcoming birthdays.

Please click here for more info on the contests.

Get Sonika plus a free poster

Sonika is now only $99 and if you buy her now you can get a free poster of her latest box-art.