Daily Vocaloid Ranking #640

Lola, Miku, Kaito, and Meiko’s Shouted Star was ranked #3 with 3,743 views, 487 comments, and 299 added to mylist.

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Get your christmas list ready!


Leon, Lola, and Miriam are now at the discount price of $80 each(originally 199.95). I’m not sure why the sudden price change, but I think it has something to do with Sonika selling so well.

To buy Vocaloids please go to Zero-G’s download site here.

Sega accepting fan entries for Project Diva


(Picture taken from Piapro.jp)

Sega announced today that they will soon be bringing the Vocaloid-themed PSP rhythm game Project Diva to arcades. Not only that, but between October 15th and Halloween, they’ll be accepting fan-contributed songs for inclusion in its soundtrack.

Songs can be entered for consideration via the game’s new channel on Nico Nico Douga, and both pro and amatuer Vocaloid Masters are welcome to try out. The tracks must be all-original material, obviously, and should run between 2:30 and 3:30 in length. Winning songs will be announced on the Nico Nico page November 16th, and their creators will be showered with Hatsune Miku swag as a reward. They’ll also get to hear their track included in the game’s location in January, and probably in the final game as well.

Little is known about the arcade version at this point, partiularly about its control scheme and interface. If you’ve got a Nico Nico account, you can check out a teaser clip of the game. It doesn’t show much aside from the new character models, but they themselves look great, and the clip is set to Ryo/Supercell’s Meruto, which is always nice to hear. Equally as nice is hearing the classic “Sayyy-Guh” Sega intro as spoken by Miku herself. We’ll bring you more info on this title as it becomes available.

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What is most interesting about this news is that it doesn’t specify if you have to use Crypton Vocaloids only. Which make me think that it is possible that Vocaloids from all companies (Internet Co.,Zero-G, and PowerFX) can be used.

Vocaloid Weekly Ranking 104

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Didn’t see this coming. In this weeks Vocaloids Ranking Meiko and Leon’s cover of September ranked #82 with 3,204 views, 210 comments, and 364 added to Mylist.

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Have a Vocaloid or Utau?


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Recently Vocaloid Otaku added a thread where English speaking lyricists, artists,fandubbers and producers can get together and collaborate and critique each other.

The forum has only been up for one day and already there are also some Vocaloid Challenges and Projects in the process.

If you are any of the things listed above this would be a great place for you to show off your work.

Daily Vocaloid Ranking #589

Leon and Meiko’s cover of September was ranked #7 on the latest Daily Ranking with 1,415 views, 102 comments, and 247 added to Mylist.

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Introduction to the English Fanmades(Updated)


Kion Duo
Creator: Wryvnn/Crossfrown Type: Shota Item: Voodoo Dolls

Kion hates most people, especially Leon, though often time Leon seems to be oblivious of the boy’s hatred for him. His voice is very high and whiny. An example of it can be seen here.

Creator: Wryvnn/Crossfrown Type: Yandere(?) Item: ?

Zeon is a spirit trapped inside a mirror that likes to posses other vocaloids body for fun. He first appeared in Crossfrown’s Phantom pv. It is said that he is suppose the represent Leon’s deeper voice.

Creator: ? Type: Gender Bent Item:?

Leona first appeared singing Interstllar Flight. Her voice is very high pitch and is often times confused with Kion’s
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