Spotlight: Youtube Edition

Do you know that there are a lot of good Engloid producers…who are not on Nico Nico. I know as impossible as it seem they are actually some good Vocaloid producer right on youtube. Here I’ll give you some examples:

I’m both a huge Leon and Daft Punk fan, so imagine how happy I was when I came across this video while searching YT. This cover was done by BeginsWithTheEnd and this is his first attempt at using Vocaloids.

Matt9five,or as he would like to be known as Doofus-P, has done a wonderful English cover of Love is War with Vocaloid Sonika. What makes this cover truly amazing is how clear Sonika sounds singing it. Usually, Sonika sounds like she’s mumbling through most songs, which just goes to show you how skilled Doofus-P is when it comes to using Vocaloids.

I can’t do a this spotlight with of course not mentioning Giuseppe, the producer who does all the English Vocaloids demo. Here is a cover song of “If I was a Rich Man” from the musical Fiddler on the roof that Giuseppe did during Big Al’s release.

And now something to end this blog humorously a Engloid parody of Kannagi. Yes, Kjbioncle isn’t a producer, but she is kinda well known in the Vocaloid community for her Engloid fanart. In fact she was the winner for the recent Sonika competition.


4 Responses to “Spotlight: Youtube Edition”

  1. Crossfrown Says:

    I’m pretty sure Matt9five is male, yo. 8I

    It’s strange how one automatically assumes people in the Japanese fandom are male and the people in the English fandom female.

    • kimicatdemon Says:

      lmaoooo <333

      You took the words right out of my mouth. xD

  2. MegurineLukaCV03 Says:

    yes matt9five is male.he’s really good!

  3. BallisticBaroque Says:

    I saw on itunes that there is a song sung by Sonika. I like the song plus it is Dance.

    Suburban Taxi (feat. Vocaloid Sonika)
    [song and album name]

    Artist: Alexander Stein

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