Daily Vocaloid Ranking #707

In the latest Vocaloid Ranking Big Al’s version of Toeto was ranked #7 with 3,218 views, 254 comments, and 230 added to Mylists. Giving the video a total of 7,428 points.

The original song was done by Luka Megurine and produced by Toraboruta-P. This Big Al cover was produced by Sasasa-P.


3 Responses to “Daily Vocaloid Ranking #707”

  1. Sanny Says:

    Wow, the way he over-stresses some syllables is actually kind of endearing. ^___^;;

  2. MegurineLukaCV03 Says:

    XD oh that was funnilly funny!especially since it’s supposed to be serious-ish

  3. mikan_jam Says:

    A very good work that is the new work using BIG-AL of the same author.

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