New Zero-G Vocaloid: Tonio

At NAMM,one of the largest music product trade shows in the world, Zero-G announced
a new male Vocaloid named Tonio. Like Prima, he is an opera singer and apparently has unprecedented singing quality and remarkable realism. As of yet, there is no demos of him singing but Tonio is planned to be release early this Feburary.

For more info on Tonio, please go here.


17 Responses to “New Zero-G Vocaloid: Tonio”

  1. Aline Says:

    OMG. DO WANT. I already can picture him and Prima being the western Rin and Len, except they would have a monster truck instead of a roadroller XD

    • kimicatdemon Says:

      Meehh… Let’s leave them be as individuals.
      Too much of an age gap for that… and Zero-g has tons of other vocaloids too.

      • Seiun Says:

        They’re both designed sing opera and come from the same company.

        It’s not hard to see them as a duo.

  2. zodiacrain Says:

    Awesome! So… Let’s start the debate. Are Prima and Tonio siblings or lovers? XD

    Interesting… They haven’t given him a 3d avatar, like Sonika. I don’t really mind, though. He must be aimed at a different audience…

    • kimicatdemon Says:

      Back at the professional audience. It’s like I said, Sonika was made for our fandom…

      ((Which may explain the lack of quality? I am expecting something good this time Zero-g….))

      • zodiacrain Says:

        That’s what I thought.

        I wonder if Sonika was an experiment, and, if so, how the experiment ended up. (She’s gotten a lot of criticism, but she’s also relatively popular with the “Japanese Vocaloid fan” market. Success or failure?) Or perhaps she’s an elaborate marketing tool: Get non-professionals interested in our Vocaloids, then sell other ones…. XD

        Perhaps they will eventually release a Sonika V2. Hmm… Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I’m really, really looking forward to Tonio’s voice, and I can’t wait to hear demos! I wonder if he’s a tenor or a bass.

  3. Zenoxy Says:

    He might get a make over, there is still a lot of time before he is released—-finally! Another operatic singer to harmonize Prima! I can’t wait for the duet demos ❤

    On another note, they will probably add family ties info via twitter account or a whole website based around Tonio.

  4. Hana Says:

    You gotta be kiddin me! Shouldn’t they fix Sonika’s voice first?

    …And didn’t the whole ‘aim at a professional audience’ marketing thing not work?

    • kimicatdemon Says:

      Lol if at first you don’t succeed, try try again? -shot-

      I am waiting for the Sonika act 2 comments to come back… I cannot wait to see Zero-G respond to that. OwO

    • Crossfrown Says:

      The professional userbase for Prima is actually rather impressive.

      And by that I mean Prima is the only one professionals use frequently, and they enjoy using her very much.

      They’re just making a wider selection for people who enjoy the vocal quality and richness of opera singers, and it isn’t made for the fandom like Sonika.

    • Zenoxy Says:

      Act 2 might be nice, since there is a LOT of back lash towards the Sonika voice bank. Honestly I do not enjoy Sonika’s voice too much.

      You have to find the really really professional Vocaloid users to hear any good Sonika music.

      Akyu-P, Guiseppe, and the produced of “Green Green” to me are the best users of the voice.

      Professional marketing? Zero-G does professional marketing? For Vocaloid products?
      The Sonika one may have been their first time, but it didn’t have to look so bad. They started out with a very poorly done CG3D model then gave her a very very spicy attitude (via twitter) despite her voice bank being very hard to work with. Though only time will tell.

  5. MegurineLukaCV03 Says:

    coolio!now prima has a lover/sibling/rival thingie!

  6. Tsutomu Teruko Says:

    YES. ❤

    I love opera music, and I'd actually wished before that there was a sort of male counterpart to Prima's soprano.

    And he looks cool. So all my fannish bases are satisfied~

  7. Exile-chan Says:

    Looks like a fake to me, no demos, you see. And.. Oh, well..

  8. Trolio Says:

    How is he fake looking? He was just announced, dude, of course no demos yet.

  9. BallisticBaroque Says:

    Tonio isn’t here yet T_T…

    I think Prima and Tonio’s boxart have a nice elegance to them. It would be cute if they are lovers and we’d have another addition to the big happy sappy family~


    i heard he had “a frog in his throat” if you know what i mean
    that’s why he did not release at Feburary like he should

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