BIG AL IS HERE(And this time I mean it)

(Picture taken from Pixiv )

Yes, that right everyone. Big Al is now available for the download price of $149. You can purchase him here.

I can’t wait to see all the lovely songs you guys make with him.

(Also I recommend you guys listen to his demos on the site. They are really impressive)

EDIT: Once again thanks to the awesome people at VO, I was able to obtain the demos from Big Al site.


6 Responses to “BIG AL IS HERE(And this time I mean it)”

  1. Kimicatdemon Says:


  2. Zenoxy Says:

    *gazms* He has very beautiful man voice xD

    It’s actually pretty clear for an English Vocaloid Male O .O

  3. EmberDecember Says:

    How did you get the demos?!

  4. MegurineLukaCV03 Says:

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is now one of my favorite engloids!!!

  5. Decembirth Says:

    Finally, lol

    HUGE WOW @ the “New York New York” demo was impressive, it had a sort of happiness to it. Something you practically only hear with Miku.

    And I really like how you can make him sound deep and older, and light toned and younger.

  6. May Says:

    Holy cow!O_O I can understand him, he has a grate voice range and he sounds like a man! -^_^- There is a deep joy in my heart now.

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