Vocaloid Big Al’s Item

(Picture taken from Pixiv.net)

While Sonika’s item is still up for debate, it seems that western Vocaloid fans have come to a decision on Big Al’s item. (Of course I am taken this information from sites where Big Al has been discuss the most VO and YT)

A pocket watch has been chosen for Big Al’s main item. The item was chosen because:

-It is a joke on Big Al’s lateness arrival
-It can be incorporated in PV’s and Songs
-It’s small and portable, like other Vocaloid items
-It’s not a food item (Fans are starting to get tired of food items)

However, his secondary item, which will be used for when he and Vocaloid Sweet Ann are together, is a Race car. The item was chosen because:

-It is also a joke on Big Al’s late arrival
-Big Al jacket looks similar to a racecar driver
-It’s similar to Len/Rin’s roadroller

However, whether this item choice is final all depends on what happen when Big Al is release. For an item to stick they usually have to be a lot of videos and fanart of said item with the Vocaloid for the meme to become permitted. But will worrying about that in the future. For the moment Big Al’s item is a pocket watch.


9 Responses to “Vocaloid Big Al’s Item”

  1. Decembirth Says:

    hmm…although odd with his new image… it actually works. But I can’t help picture that a pocket watch will make his personality be ‘anxious’ (“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!”).

    I see him as a laid back type of guy, with the voice to match.

    But yea, I am also one of the fans that is tired of “Food theme CI’s”. But Food is indeed easy to match to characters.

  2. Zenoxy Says:

    It’s funny how they play on his lateness xD

    Big Al’s items might be the mentioned above—or something else…who knows 😮

    They might give him a food item just for the hell of it.
    He will have a food item, a representative item, and a family item (something that him and Sweet Ann share)

  3. Kimicatdemon Says:


    I demand to see a racecar and roadroller match.

  4. zodiacrain Says:

    Wow… I just pictured Big Al as the bunny from Alice in Wonderland, looking at the pocket watch and going, “I’m late! I’m late!”

    I just pictured Big Al as a *bunny*.


    Is Big Al the villain of “Alice Human Sacrifice?” Conspiracy!

    • Kimicatdemon Says:

      ….That’s either scary or awesome…. I’m leaning towards awesome.

  5. Mell Says:

    It could be an stopped clock :’D, in that way he will think he still have time xD;
    Sorry i’m delirious orz

  6. Terry C. Smith Says:

    Seem to me that Big Al’s image would be better matched with Head banger, Punk rock, Metal type music. Not mingled with a Gal attired in a Ball gown or dress. Or singing contemporary music. Well maybe on Halloween.

  7. Kevin Says:

    While I was browsing Pivix it looks like Japan has made Big Al’s Item a western rock hopper penguin because of his hair.

  8. Crossfrown Says:

    Obviously Hachune Miku and Takoluka are items!
    Big Al is too cool for an item, or maybe people don’t really care anymore.
    As a meme, his skull is getting attention though.

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