Big Al’s Measurements

Too bad this bio doesn’t show all his measurements. Am I right ladies?


5 Responses to “Big Al’s Measurements”

  1. Miya Says:

    Holy. He’s a foot taller than I am. *Feels like a shrimp*

    • Kimicatdemon Says:

      ‘S okay… he’s a foot taller than me too. 8(

  2. Kimicatdemon Says:

    Ahahaha.. You joke jokes man…jokes…

  3. Zenoxy Says:

    He’s sooo tall D=

    I weigh near to what Big Al weighs, but am like 4-6 inches junior to him D:

  4. dirty south Says:

    nice to have a vocaloid I can relate to 😛

    all the same, All hail queen Miku

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