About Big Al’s new demo

(Picture by D-Artemisatto)

So, you guys know about the latest Big Al demo you seem to like, well guess what? That’s not what he really sounds like.

I got a message today from Jeje/Giussepe,who makes the Engloids demos, and in the message was this statement:

Please, can you say me how have you obtained this demo?

I am doing these demonstrations with Big Al, but with a Beta version , the voice is not finished.

how have you obtained the mp3 file?

I tried to calm him down by telling him I got it from a youtuber named, Kimicatdemon, who got it from PowerFX herself,who gave her PERMISSION to leak it. However, what’s really interesting about this story is that the latest Big Al demo is only a beta. Which begs the question,

Does Big Al sounds even better than what he does already?


5 Responses to “About Big Al’s new demo”

  1. Kimicatdemon Says:

    hmm.. this is a very odd situation indeed. oAo

  2. Hana Says:

    …holy fuck.

    Oh my god he might sound sexier than he did in that demo!? *W*

    …eff the rest of you Vocaguys, Big Al has my heart. Amore~

  3. Zenoxy Says:

    Not done? D:

    Poor Al! I was hoping to buy him fro Christmas!

    The whole leak thing could be hype, Al deserves it.
    If he sounds even more amaznig than the demo then WOW.

    I wonder if any new demos will be made with Alexei Ustinov? Using the beta Voice banks of Big Al.

    They must have a dozen voice banks fro him by now @ u@

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  5. Terry C. Smith Says:

    Boy. I don’t know. I seems that the age and image of Big Al dose not fit the voice at all. It is like Miku Hatsune sounding like Tennessee Erny Ford. Need to make him look a bit older and wiser. Like Dragon Heart or King Leer or perhaps a Wizard. Like on Willow only taller.

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