Big Al’s latest Demo

Hope you enjoy it!

I really like when Big Al goes mid-range in this demo. Shows that he would be great for R&B songs.


8 Responses to “Big Al’s latest Demo”

  1. Zenoxy Says:

    OH GAWD! I love the newly tuned voice! Very nice clean treble :3

    I still yearn for his past voice.

    • Kimicatdemon Says:

      I have a feeling that it’s not the end of him.. he’ll probably come back some how in the fanmade department. xD


      • Zenoxy Says:

        I take comfort in your words ❤

  2. Tsutomu Teruko Says:


    *tears of joy*

  3. Hana Says:


    SPICE! Al is a definite want.

    • Kimicatdemon Says:

      Please spare the fans ((particularly girls)) for a bit first, that may be a bit much. 8(;;

  4. Kimicatdemon Says:

    Btw, I forgot to mention before, his new voice bank was given to us by Frank Sanderson.

    (From what I understand, he’s an ex-power FX employee, a musician and voice over artist.))

  5. Decembirth Says:


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