New Big Al Box-art

So I was told that the new Big Al cover was going to come out soon. I just didn’t think this soon.


Edit: Also for those who think this is a fake or a Joke. I assure you it’s not. This image was done by Ash Geogick. You know the person who does the official comics for Sonika’s webpage.

Quoted from the artist about Big Al’s new look.

Its intent was to be somewhere between the anime crowd and the crowd preferring a more western look (due to the backlash of people with an aversion to Asian sonika); hence the comic book style. Red and White color scheme was picked out by powerFX, and the black was added to avoid looking like Choiwaru-P’s Leon ^^;;;;;

And it’s hard to make Frankensteins monsters not nightmare fuel.

Ash also says that the image was change to match his voice which has changed vastly since his last demos.


15 Responses to “New Big Al Box-art”

  1. Kimicatdemon Says:

    At least he still has the stitches? D’8

    • Kimicatdemon Says:

      Well it doesn’t look CREEPY so to speak.. just.. diffrent…
      I like the upbeat touch though

  2. Yoruでーす。 Says:

    i kinda wish they didnt make it so anime-ish. compared to Sweet-Ann’s its kinda plain

  3. Jay Says:

    Ohhh I was right, I like those colors a lot

    It reminds me of game art not so much animu. Which is 100% fine by me cuz I think Id be annoyed if it was all BIG EYES BIG HEAD shit like the other box art

  4. Zenoxy Says:

    It looks good, but I long for the Big Al I’ve come to know and love D:

    I hope they keep the first box art image of him! D:

    The new design is ok, though. Ash Georgric is getting hell a lot of time in the Engloid world xD

  5. Miya Says:

    Ohh I like this look. Cant wait to hear his changed voice either.

  6. Potato U Princess Says:

    Wow…In my opinion, this design is better. This is much better!

    I hate to say it, but when I saw this, I squee’d. Very loudly and obnoxiously and my parents thought I was having some kind of a seizure.

    But… Oh my God. If this is Big Al’s new design, I’m going to buy his program right fucking now.

    It’s time the English Vocaloids had proper ‘hip’ designs!

    • engloids Says:

      I know what you mean. The more I look the sexier he becomes.

      • Potato U Princess Says:

        Yes indeed! ;D

  7. Decembirth Says:

    lol I already left three comments about it.

    I wonder if English Vocaloids will now take the comicbook illustration route. I think that would be a good thing, in a way, for personification…and to draw people in.

    My only issue with this new art, is that he looks young, in comparison to his previous look and voice. But I am glad the staples/stitches were kept

  8. Choiwaru-P Says:

    Wow! What a cool design!
    I’ll buy him when he comes out.

    • engloids Says:

      You think that’s awesome. You should hear how he sounds.

  9. Aline Says:

    It’s so awesome that even one of my friends who don’t really care about Vocaloid commented on the awesomeness. GAR.

  10. Tsutomu Teruko Says:

    I’m very pleased. Between the FFX-looking Sonika and this new comic-book-looking Big Al, it looks like the Engloids are really finding a way to represent themselves without aping the Japanese Vocaloids– alienating neither the Miku-esque fanbase nor the new, not-at-all-into-anime fans. Way to go, Crypton and Power-FX! Way to go!

    • Hana Says:

      You mean Zero-G and PowerFX. xD Sonika is from Zero-G, a British company. Not Crypton~

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