Sonika’s New Box-Art: The Finale (Hopefully)

(Taken from Piapro)

Remember, when I said things was something still a bit fishy about Sonika’s new box-art because of the forum I found in the last post. Well here is a statement was posted by Halkun on VO, the poster of the previous forum, to clear up all the fishiness.

Hi all,
I was away for Thanksgiving and realized that there has been a tiny upheaval about Sonika’s new design. Because I’m partially responsible for this, I want to set the record straight and also apologize for my actions. Any question you my have, PM me directly and I’ll answer them as best as I can.

As I said in my introduction thread, I’m currently working as a freelance consultant to help improve the image of English Vocaloids. Now, I am not an employee of Zero-G or Power-FX. To clear up any confusion in this matter, consultants work outside a company offering advice and services. In fact, I live in the U.S. My job is to be a kind of “liaison” between Vocaloid fans and the people who make them.

Unfortunately I was given a copy of Sonika’s new design internally. I made a mistake and thought it was a fan submission and posted it. I should of not done this, and was a very very wrong thing for me to do. This caused a lot of giref and for that I’m sorry.

In the end it seems there seems to be lots of miscommunication over what the contest was. I was confused about it myself. (Once again, my fault… Sorry about that) Feel free to PM me about any questions and I will try and answer them.

So, hopefully everything is cleared up and everybody can forgive and forget and let this whole subject die.


2 Responses to “Sonika’s New Box-Art: The Finale (Hopefully)”

  1. Decembirth Says:

    Just kidding…

    *still getting use to new design*

  2. Vocaloid Sonika, opfølgning på en case study. - At tænke som en gal geni - Iværksætter Debatten Amino Says:

    […] hurtigt kan diffuse en situation, og bloggerne har været hurtigt til at bringe beskeden videre. Siden da har PowerFX også hoppet på community building vognen, og givet et interview […]

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