Damaged Control: Sonika’s New Box-Art part 2


Let’s me just say that I’m not stupid. I don’t go assuming things without any evidence to back it up. And in case of Sonika’s new box-art I believed I had some pretty good evidence to back up my claim.


I now have proof that the New Sonika Box-art is indeed commission worked and is NOT an entry for the contest.

I’m sorry but you have jumped to conclusions. The Mario Wibisono image you refer to is not the winner of the Sonika competition. If you read the competition details carefully you will see that the competition is to draw a new outfit for Sonika not create a new box image. The competition was always just a bit of fun and the winner has not been chosen yet as we are going to put all the entries on the website and let you have your comments on them before we decide who is the winner. The Wibisono image will be the next box image of Sonika but he was never a competition entrant and we commissioned and paid him for his work.

Also, let me state categorically that the ‘Zero-G employee’ you refer to does not exist and whoever wrote in the forum is not a member of the Zero-G staff.

Dom Keeffe
Zero-G Limited

I don’t mind having the yolk on my face for this one. I’m actually happy to find out that the competition was actually fair. However there is something about the Zero-G employee, that apparently doesn’t exist, that seems rather fishy.

I can’t believe it was some kind of prank and if it was it was definitely a horrible one. If I were to pull a prank like this, it would definitely be on a Vocaloid forum not on a forum that doesn’t focus on the fandom.

Also the poster posted an image of the art before it was even shown in the Fiesta catalog, the artist DA, or the artist webpage. The only way he could have the image without being an employee for Zero-G is that the poster is actually the artist him/herself though that will still imply that he worked for Zero-G.

Any way I see that I confused the fandom enough with my silly assumptions and for that I am sorry.

The real winner of the contest will be announced later on this week.

EDIT: Just got another email and apparently there’s more to this story. Hopefully Zero-G will make a clear explanation in the future.


5 Responses to “Damaged Control: Sonika’s New Box-Art part 2”

  1. Decembirth Says:

    To counter my last comment. I am hoping that this is indeed just commissioned work. Though I am still not a huge fan of the design, I have nothing against the artist, he is obviously good at what he does.

    ZERO G should really explain things before they act, because having Sonika’s artbox switch on the site, with no explanation, is not good.

    I just hope whoever wins, has a really cute look for Sonika, with her original design. Winning wasn’t my goal (I would buy Sonika regardless of what she looked like), but I am glad to see more Sonika fanart.

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  5. Kenny Marchant Says:

    I really like this blog. Please continue the great work. Regards!!!

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