Sonika’s New Look Competition *Reminder*

Just a reminder you guys. You only have 7 more days to turn in your entries for the Sonika’s New Look Competition.


One Response to “Sonika’s New Look Competition *Reminder*”

  1. Kimicatdemon Says:

    Quiet frankly, I’m going to be honest…

    Zero-G… STUPID idea on your part. This should have been done prior to her release or shortly after. Now suddenly you say, “Let’s risk changing her design fully!” because she looks like Gumi.

    Didn’t she make a hit song with Gumi because they’re both… “Green, Green~”?

    I understand the whole fan base interaction deal, but several things have already been made with THIS Sonika model. To simply change it now would be pointless and make everything she had before this some what useless.
    (( Unless she was demoted to “fan made” status… which really isn’t right. This design and this vocaloid put you guys up there with Crypton’s. I would hope you would show a bit more respect than that. ))

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