Vocaloid Weekly Ranking #102

(Picture taken from Pixiv)

I didn’t think there were going to be able to do it but somehow Gumi and Sonika found a way to make it in the top 30s. Their song Green Green was ranked #29 with 12,216 views, 628 comments, and 1,070 added to Mylist.

Congratulations girls!^^

To see whole ranking please go here.


2 Responses to “Vocaloid Weekly Ranking #102”

  1. Marco Says:

    Ooh! Go Gumi & Sonika!!!! I love this song! So glad it made it to the top 30!! Out of what I’ve seen, is Sonika the first english vocaloid to make it to the top 30?

    PS How do I watch vids on Nico now, they seemed to change it, now I can’t watch any vids cuz I don’t know how to 😦

    • engloids Says:

      Actually no. Leon once made it to the rankings as #1 with his cover song of Interstellar Flight. And I’m pretty sure other English vocaloids made it into the rankings in the past as well.

      To watch a video on Nico Nico you need an account there. Here is a guide that tells you how to register for an account.


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