More New Songs

Three more songs were uploaded to Sonika’s site recently.

99 Red Balloons(by So-pop)

Vocaloid Sonika & Kaito (duo) Susanita Rock(by Giuseppe/Jeje1212)

Vocaloid Sonika: Dinky Dink No time to think(by So-Pop)


One Response to “More New Songs”

  1. Kimicatdemon Says:

    Ah wow. Sonika’s release seems to be getting more and more English publishers out there. Maybe they’ll use the other English vocaloids to create a sort of choir. Amazing thought right there, hurr hurr…

    Personally, I love the 99 ballons songs. ((And So-Pop’s other song, Dinky Dink….it’s highly catchy. :C )) And the spanish song made me crack up…oho Kaito, any song with you pretty much makes me laugh. ((I dunno, it’s his voice. it just MAKES ME LAUGH FOR SOME REASON. ))

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