In-depth Character Analysis: Prima


In January 14, 2008 Zero-G release it’s first Vocaloid 2 product, Prima. What made Prima different from the rest of the Vocaloids before her was that her voice was model after a professional soprano opera singer. Which meant she could hit high notes with accuracy and ease. And though she was meant for opera, with a few adjustments Prima voice could also be suited for pop and R&B.

When Prima was release to Japan in February 22, 2008, she was often use as a back up singer for Japanese Vocaloid songs. Later on Prima was to be the first English Vocaloid to be included in the Lipync model series. The LipSync model portrayed Prima as a extremely pale girl wearing a a dark red dress, and a white flower in her short, wavy, black hair.Another well known images features Prima in a white trenchcoat, a skirt with stockings underneath, and a tophat to complete the look.

Prima was given a yandere type personality by the Western fandom due to the fact that when people tried to illegally download vocaloids, such as Miku and Len/Rin Kagamine, they had to download Prima to get the program in English. However illegal downloads of Prima don’t have proper confirmations codes. Causing not only Prima to stop working but other Vocaloid programs as well. Basically if you couldn’t keep her you couldn’t keep any vocaloids.

It is said the Prima’s item is Wine, but because of her yandere nature it’s mostly likely you’ll see fanart of her holding weapons rather than the alcoholic beverage. Vocaloid Prima is the only English Vocaloid so far to have a FLELE shell which was created by DA member Kamui-Gakuko.

A well-known pairing involving the soprano Vocaloid is PrimaXDell. Which became popular due to the interaction between the two characters from the popular Vocaoid roleplaying community, Vocaloidrp-da.

If some of you feel that some of the info listed above is inaccurate or want to add something to it please leave a comment.

Next In-depth character analysis will be Fanmade English Vocaloid’s, I’m not going to do Big Al since he’s not out yet, and I’m going to wait some weeks before I do Sonika’s since there is still some new info/things coming out about her.


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