How to get Prima FLELE

So, yeah the Prima FLELE been around for a while now, however I only just gotten around to using it.


For those who don’t know FLELE’s are basically small, singing characters that you have on your desktop to play mp3 files.

First you’ll need the basic FLELE, so make a new folder called FLELE

Next click on this link, which is the FLELE program

Extract the program to the FLELE folder

Next, Go into your FLELE folder, then the folder ‘ssp_flele_miku’, and click on the image that looks like a bell with a pink ribbon

Depending on which type of Windows you have your FLELE(Miku) should pop up automatically or a new icon should appear in your task bar, click on the icon and Miku should pop up.

Now right click on your FLELE and select Language then English. Then go to Options and select Always play foreground.


Close the FLELE, (Right click and select close).

Now click on this link to get your Prima shell

Extract the file to FLELE>ssp_flele_miku>ghost>flele_aya>shell.

Now go to your FLELE folder and click on the Pink ribbon again.

Right Click on your FLELE go to shells and click on Prima FLELE.

Congraulations you have Prima FLELE. To play music just click on a music file and drag to Prima’s head. When the bubble pops up click play. You can also right click and go to Clothes/Dressup to changes Prima look.

Also don’t forget to thank the Creator for the shell

If your FLELE wont play music, it could mean that:

-It’s not an mp3. It MUST be an mp3.(though I have been able to use a WAV file in FLELE)

-You might need to install East Asian Languages. Go to your control panel, your computers Language Options, then ‘Add Languages’. Finally, ‘Install files for East Asian languages’.(This is why it wouldn’t work on my mom’s computer)

-Sometimes they wont take funny file names. If it has strange characters in, it might not play it. Just a warning.

-Loads of people have the problem that their FLELE works – it plays the songs and sings, but no sound comes out. Possibly solution:

On your toolbar at the bottom fo your screen, open up the Volume Mixer. On Vista, you have to scroll along if there are more than four programs open with sound. Scroll along until you can find your FLELE – I have discovered that sometimes it sets it on mute by default, or while playing around with the settings you accidenatlly mute it. Unmute it.


3 Responses to “How to get Prima FLELE”

  1. Kimicatdemon Says:

    I have actually just made my Sweet Ann Flele last night! It is available for download on my blog,

  2. FLELE: Christmas Edition Sweet Ann « Engloids's Blog Says:

    […] you forgot how to download FLELE shells or don’t know how to get a FLELE. Please click here. Posted in Advertising, Downloads, Engloid, Engloids, News, Sweet Ann, Vocaloid, vocaloids. Leave […]

  3. Flelefan Says:

    I have flele second and they speak in missing glyph boxes, what do I do

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