English Vocaloids: More than just a paragraph


I am severely bother by the fact that Vocaloid Wikia has an individual page for Sonika, but not for the other English Vocaloids. Sure they have an individual page for Leon, but it’s so low on information that there is no point for the separate page.

Now I wasn’t bother by the fact that before Sonika’s release, All English Vocaloid information was together on one page with barely 3 sentence for each one explaining who they were. Did I think each Vocaloid deserve their own page at the time? Yes. Why I wasn’t bother with it was because I’m an Engloids lover, and I’m use to seeing English Vocaloids getting the short end of the stick.

However, When Sonika came out and I saw a few weeks later that she had her own page, I was a bit peeve, but I got really upset once saw the reason the other Vocaloids didn’t get there own pages.

According to Vocaloid Wikia no one cares enough or know enough to give the other Engloids their own pages. However the real truth is no one a Vocaloid wikia cares about the English Vocaloid and are to lazy to search the internet for an hour to find more information about them. How do I know it would only take an hour because that how long it takes me to find information for my In-Depth Character analysis series.

People may be thinking I’m just attacking the site, because I want more lurve for English Vocaloids. But the truth is it’s more than that.

The way Vocaloid Wikia portrays English Vocaloids on their site make it seems they shouldn’t even be worth mentioning in the fandom. Then again I’ve also noticed that they don’t seem to have a lot information for some Japanese Vocaloids such as Meiko and Kaito. In fact the only real work they seem to have put on a page is Hatsune Miku. Which is sad seeing as how the Vocaloid history goes so much deeper than Miku.

And yes, I know I can add/edit pages on Wikia myself, but I’m not exactly sure how Wikia works and I don’t want to mess anything up on the site. Plus even if I did it still wouldn’t lessen my anger on how Vocaloid Wikia treated English Vocaloids on their site so far.

I think it would be better if the site just got rid of the English Vocaloid section, that way people can just look for information about the Engloids themselves, which would be a much better option in my opinion. Because honestly the English Vocaloids are so much more than just a paragraph.


16 Responses to “English Vocaloids: More than just a paragraph”

  1. Crossfrown Says:

    But…if you got rid of the page, that would make them even less known. wtf logic fail.

    You can play in the sandbox/bring the topic up with the fact people ARE interested in them. Also because people who aren’t need to learn a thing or two about them. That’s the point of having a wiki. INFO.

    • engloids Says:

      I did brought up the subject, but I haven’t got a reply yet.

      I actually don’t think removing English Vocaloid will have any effect on English Vocaloid because the information about them on wikia is just that low. Plus most the information they have there comes from Wikipedia anyway, and I’m pretty sure most people go to Wiki before they go to Wikia.

      I know it might sound stupid but if you were new to the Vocaloid fandom and went to wikia to learn about Vocaloids and you saw the English Vocaloid page and compare it to the Japanese ones, would you really be tempted to look for videos for them.

  2. Kirii Says:

    You know, that always bugged the crap out of me too. I mean, I know the others are a bit obscure, but Sweet Ann is actually pretty important, and definitely more so then Sonika. Maybe we English Vocaloid fans need to get together and do something about that. I mean, if a few people can be arsed to make some pages, then clearly we both care enough and know enough to give them their own pages.

    So yea, BRB wikia.

  3. zodiacrain Says:

    I created the Leon page. I actually created it BECAUSE the Sonika page irritated me to no end. I asked why they had made it and the users responded: (paraphrasing) “Cuz she’s popular in Japan, n’ I don’t care enough to make a page for the others.”

    I was going to create more English Vocaloid pages. However, I’m really, really bad at formatting with Wikia (it’s too confusing, and far too frustrating!) and I don’t have enough time to work out all the tiny little kinks in formatting. And most of the English Vocaloid information I get is from this blog, actually. I’ve actually visited other wikis (the Ed Edd n Eddy one) that copy and pasted information from the top fansite, but I think it would be better not to have a Wikia page at all then to copy and paste.

    The Vocaloid Wiki just bugs me in general. I had trouble finding guidelines on what to put in the profile page and what counts as “important” songs. Even worse… fan characters have their own wiki page, while there are tons of actual Vocaloids that do not. The ironic part is that there are individual pages for two characters based off of Prima and Sweet Ann, while said Vocaloids do not have their own pages! *Sigh* Well, maybe I’ll go back to trying to make more pages for the English Vocaloids. Is it possible you could send me copies of the links you received your own info from?

    • engloids Says:

      Well, why there is not a lot of info, I am glad that you did make that Leon page, especially since I’m a huge Leon fangirls.

      Also why does Vocaloid Wikia think that Sonika is the only popular English Vocaloid. Japanese Vocaloid fans have always recognize Engloids.

      I will give you links of where I get my Info from later, since right now I’m working on Prima’s In-Depth Character analysis. I can also recommend some good English Vocaloid songs if you want.

      • zodiacrain Says:

        Thank you! Those links and those songs will help flesh out English Vocaloid pages a lot.

        As for the “Sonika-popular” thing… I’m not sure. It was just one user who said that (I really shouldn’t have put it in plural… I wasn’t thinking there. Oohps… ^.^;;), so it really has to do with one person’s misconception.

        I’d agree with them if they said Sonika was the most well known English Vocaloid in the English-speaking Vocaloid fan community though. I wasn’t around when Prima first came out, but I doubt there was as much controversy around her. Especially because she doesn’t look a lot like any of the Japanese Vocaloids… XD.

      • engloids Says:

        Here are some sites I used though most of the info I get is just common knowledge and comes from ymiyass900 videos.


        I don’t know how many videos you need of each vocaloid so I’m just going to give you 5 each, if you want more just ask.

        Pop Keyboard
        Very Good Kanji
        Leon,Leon Shite ni ageru
        Go My way
        Leon of the night


        Fly me to the moon


        First Applie Pie
        Blue Tears
        Zero Fill Love

        Sweet Ann:

        Love Love Love
        Luka Luka Night fever English Ver
        Night of the Magic
        Snow White Medium
        Crucify My Love


        Amazing Grace
        Aria di Mezzo Carattere

        Do you need any videos of Sonika?

      • zodiacrain Says:

        There aren’t any videos for Sonika on the Wiki yet, but then again some of the Japanese Vocaloids don’t have songs yet either (Gumi, Gakupo). So yes, I think she does need some songs.

        Do you have links to Gumi/Gakupo songs, off topic as that is? I only know of one Gakupo song I could add off the top of my head (the “Finished” song… but then again that has Miku and Rin singing in the background, so I’m not sure it counts.)

        I’m not sure I’ll be able to make the pages ASAP so perhaps others can start making them, too?

    • Crossfrown Says:

      >>I created the Leon page.

      Thought process:
      There is a Leon page?
      This Leon page is inaccurate!
      I edited the Leon page, but I left this part out, should mention my edit in the discussion.
      Oh, by the way…

      The discussion page now holds quite a bit more interesting (albeit totally useless) information than the article itself.

      Why do I do this.

      • zodiacrain Says:

        What?! I was wrong about his designs?

        >< That's what happens when you use Youtube comments as your source for information. Thanks for fixing that.

  4. J-kitty Says:

    I just look here mostly and don’t comment. But I agree that the other English vocaloids should get their own page on the Vocaloid Wiki too. It kinda makes me think that Sonika will be like the Miku of the English vocaloids, and be a lot more popular than the other English ones. It’s not that I don’t like Sonika, she’s awesome, but the others still deserve their recognition. Zero-G should have done what they did with Sonika to their other Vocaloids. Maybe not Leon, Lola and Miriam, but Prima came out after the vocaloids got popular, didn’t she? And Power FX should try and follow Zero-G’s example. But that is just an opinion and I’m not really sure about what the companies are doing/have done.
    Also, sorry if this makes no sense… ._.

  5. Happy Says:

    I can do wiki formatting, if you guys want you can write the articles and I’ll get them up. C: Email is happypants3@hotmail.

  6. Unicogirl Says:

    It seems like if the Japanese aren’t interested in something, then automatically “no one cares”. I say BS to that. But that is the Internet culture with the young these days.

    I do wish people would stop waiting for Nico to do something, and actually try to do it for themselves. heck, if I could get an English Vocaloid right now, it would be Sweet Ann and Sonika.

    When it comes to the English Vocaloids, the lack of back information and character design for them, results in limited things to work with. That is fault on the companies that created them.

    Though with that lack of extra info, you can pretty much collaborate on what to do with them. But you want to remain true to their original release and how the company that crated them- would want them to be portrayed.

    I’ve emailed ZeroG about making pages for their other Vocaloids, but so far no word back. Perhaps if everyone else posting here would email them about, they would be more motivated into creating some back information on their Vocaloids.

    I would personally like to work on Sweet Ann’s wiki page. I know exactly which song to put up. One of her best cover song.

    • engloids Says:

      I don’t think you can blame the companies for not given the English Vocaloids character design and information.The demographic is different in the west than the east. Japanese Vocaloids were made with “otaku” musician in mind. English Vocaloids were made for just regular musician in mind. Of course the english companies weren’t going to put some cutest character on there box-art no professional musician would take it seriously, It only til recently that Zero-G realize that they make more money in Japan than in western countries that they decided to give Sonika a character. However they didn’t go full anime and just kept it 3D so they would still being taken seriously by the western market.

      ZeroG won’t give the other Vocaloids info, I know someone who already asked them that and they replied it’s too late for that. And personally while I like there vocaloids I hate ZeroG as a company. They don’t freakin advertise there Vocaloids and when they finally do with Sonika they don’t bother advertising the others.

      • Unicogirl Says:

        Ah, thanks for the reply. I can see what you mean when it comes to marketing and who exactly would buy the product. But I am sure a humanoid looking character would still sell better than a pair of lips on a box.

        Miriam has an image (photo image). Though not done in 3D or drawn, it still gives the impression of personification.

        I call total Bull on the “It’s too late” thing. If they won’t do it for promotional reasons. They should do it for fan followings. Since Leon and Prima have a Japanese following; if that is who ZEROG is focusing on.

        Even though America has no Vocaloids. I am sure who ever would create one, would give it a mascot. That is a noticeable thing with American products, there is always some character on the box… even when it doesn’t relate to the product lol

  7. Aline Says:

    Well, you can put their info here instead, or ask to someone who knows how to edit a wiki page to help. I’d love to do so.

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