Sonika gets her own Lipsync Model


Sonika now has her own Vocaloid Lipsync model, making her the second English Vocaloid to be included in the series, Prima being the first.

I find the model to be absolutely cute. I especially love the design of the dress she’s wearing.

To see Sonika’s LipSync model in action go here

So far Sonika has been included in DanceXMixer and now this. Hopefully a MMD model will be made in the future.


2 Responses to “Sonika gets her own Lipsync Model”

  1. zodiacrain Says:

    Oh, so that’s what that program is! I’ve always wondered… Awesome! Now if only they’d make one for some of the other Vocaloids…

  2. aninterestingname Says:

    Where can I download the lipsync model?

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