In-Depth Character Analysis: Miriam


In July 2004, Zero-G limited launched Miriam, making her the third Vocaloid to be release. Like Lola she was also a virtual female vocalist. Her voice was given to her by popular British singer Miriam Stockley who is the lead singer of the band Adiemus.

Miriam was a huge improvement from the 2 vocaloids before her. Easy to use functionalities were implemented into her lessening the time a person had take in order to get a more realistic singing voice.

In the the year 2005 Mike Oldfield, use Vocaloid Miriam in his album LIGHT & SHADE. In the track “The Gate”, he added “Ooh” and “Yah” to make a chorus harmonized perfectly. In the track “Tears Of An Angel”, he put some lyrics by making them like echoes with the same melodies as the ones played by the keyboard. For this track, he says that this was his first track created by using VOCALOID, and by mixing in his voice, it achieved a nice thick choral effect

Later on Miriam would be feature in another album thanks to authors Esther and Jerry Hicks. The song Emoscale would be a new entry for the upcoming second album of robot vocals. Leon’s “A Place in the Sun, being the first album.

The song Emoscale doesn’t actually have Miriam singing, instead it has her saying random emotions such as fear, wrath, love, and etc. The lyrics are based on the Emotional Scale suggested by Esther and Jerry Hicks in their book entitled Ask and it is Given: learning to Manifest Your Desires. There are 2 versions of the song one in English and one in Russian.

In the Vocaloid community Miriam is nowhere near as popular as Leon, however unlike Leon most producers when using Miriam uses her for serious works.

Because of the silver coloring of her box art most fanart of Miriam portrays her with silver hair. Some people see Miriam as the Miku of English Vocaloid and because of this she is usually drawn with green clothing.

If you go to, Miriam Stockley’s webpage, a tube of lipstick will pop up on screen and write out Miriam’s name. It is for this reason why most people has come to see Miriam’s item as lipstick.

Since this is the Vocaloid fandom were talking about Miriam is known to have multiply personalities. She can be either a badass like Lola, shy, or an air head.

There are a lot of videos that feature Miriam and Meiko singing together. Which leads the fandom to think that Miriam sees Meiko as a friend, older sister, or lover.

If some of you feel that some of the info listed above is inaccurate or want to add something to it please leave a comment.

Next In-depth character analysis will be Sweet Ann’s


2 Responses to “In-Depth Character Analysis: Miriam”

  1. zodiacrain Says:

    This is cool. I never noticed how many albums she was in, though I did notice she was in albums- far more then the other Vocaloids! And I never knew that her character item was lipstick.

    As for being a parallel with Miku… I suppose until Sonika came out that could be accurate. I definitely agree that’s what the fanbase says, but I personally disagree. I always viewed genki, ultra-popular Miku as being the parallel of cheerful, most-popular-of-the-English-Vocaloids Sonika. (Unfortunately, because she looks like Gumi, everyone says she’s Gumi’s parallel. Not a very good reason…) I viewed Miriam, who has a more mature sound then Miku, as a parallel of Luka.

    And I did notice that the Miriam/Meiko pairing was popular. I wonder which video started it? The first one I saw was rather cute, actually. And the second one, too… And the third….

  2. Kimicatdemon Says:

    Hmmm…. Nice information. I approve!

    I love how Kurodo draws Miriam…It’s so cute but at the same time mature. Also, don’t forget that from mature and shy, Miriam can also be pictured as a kick ass woman…I guess we can just leave it at bipolar.

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