Sonika now in Japan


Sonika is now on sale for the Japanese public. She was apparently release to Japan on August 7 which explains the sudden increase of videos featuring her on Nico Nico.


6 Responses to “Sonika now in Japan”

  1. Marco Says:

    Ooh! Is that a new box art? I like it! Makes her look much more original and not like Gumi.

    So I’m guessing we’ll see her character item be official in the next week or so.

    • engloids Says:

      Oh, no. That’s not her new box art. That’s just a picture I found while looking for Sonika fanart.

      • Marco Says:

        Oh, well that sucks 😦

  2. Decembirth Says:

    ^_^;; not digging the hair. I like the spiky original.

  3. Funderful Says:

    Hah, I like how the fanart is better then the real art. I think she’s growing on me in terms of voice, but I sure hope they get a better design then that. The 3D art they have right now looks sorta’- souless.

  4. Kupo-chan Says:

    I think the outfit is a bit plain I hope they give her some cool clothes and that hair.. she looks so creepy O_O… that bugs me that they’d bring Sonika to Japan and not the Japanese Vocaloids to the US..mean ppl

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