So what about the others


So for the past few weeks Zero-G has been constantly advertising Sonika. Which I think is absolutely great considering how they didn’t even try to advertise their past Vocaloids but of course that bring up the question “What about the others?”

So far Sonika has been giving her own image, her own homepage, and her own twitter. Leon, Lola, and Miriam has none of this, and while Prima might have her own webpage all it shows on the site is her discount price.Heck, Sonika hasn’t even made tweet about her English Vocaloid family instead she rather talk about Gumi.

I am deeply bother by the fact that Zero-G doesn’t give their other Vocaloids at least half the attention they give Sonika. I mean it one thing to be ignore by the Western Vocaloid fanbase but it’s another to be ignored by the people who created you.

Reminder: Sweet Ann and Big Al are made by Power-fx, not Zero-G


4 Responses to “So what about the others”

  1. Theru Says:


    Maybe someone should make a “@SonikaVocaloid” tweet inquiring about her extended family, since whoever’s operating Sonika’s twitter seems to be keeping an eye on Sonika-related tweets on the site. 🙂

  2. zodiacrain Says:

    I agree with Theru.

    I do find it weird that they mention other Vocaloids instead of their own. (Maybe it’s because the other Vocaloids are more popular?) It would be a good chance to advertise her “family.” Even though I’ve developed personalities for my own fanfics, I’m curious to see how Prima, Leon, Lola and Miriam’s personalities would differ from my own.

  3. J-kitty Says:

    Yeah, I agree. I really wish the others got attention. I have an odd love for Leon. I agree with sending Sonika a tweet too, maybe also about convincing her “family” to get Twitter accounts as well? That would be odd though, heh…

  4. Theru Says:

    Aaaand speaking of the devil, there’s a new tweet assuring us that Sonika does indeed love her family.

    Auntie Prima OHOHOHOHO. ❤

    It seems like Zero-G sends out feelers to see what Sonika-related chitchat is going on around the intertubes. Maybe we've been spotted~

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