It’s not uncommon for a business company to create accounts on popular social networks to promote their products. It only gets odd when the company starts giving there product a persona.

Zero-G has created a twitter account for Vocaloid Sonika, where Sonika’s tells us the latest events going on her life. So far, Sonika has express her dislike for people saying she looks like Gumi and even said she’s better than the newest Japanese Vocaloid.

Now, I have nothing against roleplaying. I’m pretty use to it in the anime fandom, Vocaloid fandom, but when a huge business corporation does it well it’s kind of…strange. Though as weird as I might think it is, this is probably the best advertisement Zero-G had done for the English Vocaloids. Not to mention the social application will help the company learn more about the vocaloid fandom and it’s fans.

Sonika’s Twitter

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2 Responses to “Zero-G…roleplaying?”

  1. Toolbax Says:

    And look who we have here….

    ….but i smell a poser.

    • Marco Says:

      Meh, probably just another twitter roleplayer, there are tons of them…

      Kaito, Meiko, Ren, Gakupo, and Honne Dell are also vocaloid RPers from what I know…

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