Sonika’s item and Japanese release date


Sonika’s item has caused huge commotion in the English Vocaloid fanbase. As most of you already know all Vocaloid items have been decided by Nico Nico and 2chan users up til now. However, with the suddenly release of Vocaloid Sonika the Western Vocaloid fanbase has decided among themselves to give the green haired vocaloid an item. Though achieving that task won’t be as simple as one may think.

First there is the issue of deciding on an item pineapple, cigarettes, and white chocolate have been suggested but the most popular two choices have been a bell and a golden ring.

The next problem is that even if the Western fanbase decides on an item will it even stick. Like I said above Nico Nico users decide most of the Vocaloid items and I doubt very much they are going to stop any time soon. 2chan has already decided on giving Sonika a pineapple or a Psycho gun(O_O).

Also Nico Nico user seem to have a much easier way on deciding on Vocaloid character items. Ymiyass900, a popular vocaloid uploader on youtube has once explain how items are chosen on the Japanese video site.

The item is usually decided by the first big hit Vocaloid video that consists of the Vocaloid having an item. The item also have to be lulz worthy as well.

And with Sonika being release to Japan in mid-august(info giving to me by a lovely commenter) there is only a matter of time before Sonika appears on Nico Nico with an item in hand.

So the only question is will the western fanbase accept that item or will the eastern fanbase accept theirs?

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3 Responses to “Sonika’s item and Japanese release date”

  1. Jay Says:

    well the english fanbase can make up character items all they want but without a song or good image to really hook people on the idea… its all up in the air

  2. Decembirth Says:

    I would prefer West fans to choose the item.

    Thus far a Ring, Bell, or Pineapple, are suiting. But with the arrival of Neo Sonika… oyi, I can just picture the whole “gun and cigarette” thing being permanent. UGH

    If people who like the Ring, and people who like the Pineapple…are willing to compromise. They should just make the item a Pineapple Ring.

    • Kimicatdemon Says:


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