Vocaloid Big Al coming out in 6 weeks?

So, I sent a email to Power-Fx asking if they were planning on releasing any new Vocaloids since the other companies release new ones for this year.

This is what they emailed back to me:

We have been working on a male vocaloid and hope to have a release in 6 weeks.

Now we all know the Vocaloid is Big Al and I’m pretty sure the 6 weeks is just an estimate(might take even longer), but I’m just glad to know that Power-Fx hasn’t given up on Big Al or vocaloids in general.

With Big Al finally being release there will be just as many English vocaloids as there are Japanese(that is if you count the twins as one)


2 Responses to “Vocaloid Big Al coming out in 6 weeks?”

  1. Kimicatdemon Says:

    I hope he is released. :C

    Even if not, I am glad Ann won’t be the only Power FX vocaloid out there. Is seems that since Sonika’s release, UK vocaloids have made their own family. Power FX needs to at least give Ann SOME partner in crime. :V

  2. Koda-P Says:

    Doesn’t look like they made their deadline. I’m dying to buy him though, but I’d really like to know when he comes out.

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