So SONiKA, when did you learn Manderin?? (Also new Blog Poster)

(Image by ecapsule)

So, a Chinese company named “ecapsule” have released SONiKA in Chinese (Well, English SONiKA with a Chinese Dictionary and Chinese VOCALOID2 Editor), Mandarin to be specific. Hopefully some amazing Chinese producers (I’m looking at you Solpie) will invest in our little SONiKA, and make her beautiful songs.

Also, this was not written from NoNeed4Cosplay/NoNeed4Vocaloid, This was Written by Tyetyez (TYE on VO). I will be Looking after the Blog, seeing as NoNeed4Cosplay/NoNeed4Vocaloid has gone to collage. So all wish her luck. : )

Sonika Song Competition

(Picture done by kazamori23 )

To celebrate Sonika’s birthday Zero-G has decided to launch another competition. In this contest you will make up a song that was made for Sonika.


To enter the competition send us an mp3 of an original song that you made for Sonika.
The song can be sung by any Vocaloid or even by you.
The song can be acapella (ie with no instruments) or fully arranged.
It can be a whole song with verses and chorus or it could just be a short melody


Chances to win a copy of Sonika, Prima, or Tonio (Yes, that right yo have a chance to win the upcoming new male Engloid.
Plus adding on to that your song will be arranged and produced for Sonika by professional musicians.

For more info on the contest please click here

Zero-G Interview: Dom Keefe (Vocaloid Production)

(Picture done by Crossfrown)

I’m happy to announce that I was lucky enough to get an interview with Zero-G. Under the cut the company talks about the development of Sonika, plans for their older Vocaloids, as well as talk at bit about Tonio.

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Spotlight: Youtube Edition

Do you know that there are a lot of good Engloid producers…who are not on Nico Nico. I know as impossible as it seem they are actually some good Vocaloid producer right on youtube. Here I’ll give you some examples:
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Get Sonika plus a free poster

Sonika is now only $99 and if you buy her now you can get a free poster of her latest box-art.

The REAL Winner of Sonika’s New Look

Sonika’s New Box-Art: The Finale (Hopefully)

(Taken from Piapro)

Remember, when I said things was something still a bit fishy about Sonika’s new box-art because of the forum I found in the last post. Well here is a statement was posted by Halkun on VO, the poster of the previous forum, to clear up all the fishiness.

Hi all,
I was away for Thanksgiving and realized that there has been a tiny upheaval about Sonika’s new design. Because I’m partially responsible for this, I want to set the record straight and also apologize for my actions. Any question you my have, PM me directly and I’ll answer them as best as I can.

As I said in my introduction thread, I’m currently working as a freelance consultant to help improve the image of English Vocaloids. Now, I am not an employee of Zero-G or Power-FX. To clear up any confusion in this matter, consultants work outside a company offering advice and services. In fact, I live in the U.S. My job is to be a kind of “liaison” between Vocaloid fans and the people who make them.

Unfortunately I was given a copy of Sonika’s new design internally. I made a mistake and thought it was a fan submission and posted it. I should of not done this, and was a very very wrong thing for me to do. This caused a lot of giref and for that I’m sorry.

In the end it seems there seems to be lots of miscommunication over what the contest was. I was confused about it myself. (Once again, my fault… Sorry about that) Feel free to PM me about any questions and I will try and answer them.

So, hopefully everything is cleared up and everybody can forgive and forget and let this whole subject die.

Damaged Control: Sonika’s New Box-Art part 2


Let’s me just say that I’m not stupid. I don’t go assuming things without any evidence to back it up. And in case of Sonika’s new box-art I believed I had some pretty good evidence to back up my claim.


I now have proof that the New Sonika Box-art is indeed commission worked and is NOT an entry for the contest.

I’m sorry but you have jumped to conclusions. The Mario Wibisono image you refer to is not the winner of the Sonika competition. If you read the competition details carefully you will see that the competition is to draw a new outfit for Sonika not create a new box image. The competition was always just a bit of fun and the winner has not been chosen yet as we are going to put all the entries on the website and let you have your comments on them before we decide who is the winner. The Wibisono image will be the next box image of Sonika but he was never a competition entrant and we commissioned and paid him for his work.

Also, let me state categorically that the ‘Zero-G employee’ you refer to does not exist and whoever wrote in the forum is not a member of the Zero-G staff.

Dom Keeffe
Zero-G Limited

I don’t mind having the yolk on my face for this one. I’m actually happy to find out that the competition was actually fair. However there is something about the Zero-G employee, that apparently doesn’t exist, that seems rather fishy.

I can’t believe it was some kind of prank and if it was it was definitely a horrible one. If I were to pull a prank like this, it would definitely be on a Vocaloid forum not on a forum that doesn’t focus on the fandom.

Also the poster posted an image of the art before it was even shown in the Fiesta catalog, the artist DA, or the artist webpage. The only way he could have the image without being an employee for Zero-G is that the poster is actually the artist him/herself though that will still imply that he worked for Zero-G.

Any way I see that I confused the fandom enough with my silly assumptions and for that I am sorry.

The real winner of the contest will be announced later on this week.

EDIT: Just got another email and apparently there’s more to this story. Hopefully Zero-G will make a clear explanation in the future.

Zero-G doesn’t play fair/Winner of Sonika’s New Look


So the winner of the contest is Mario Wibisono

Now while this art work is beautiful, I do have some certain problems with it.

One, is that images of this box-art was leaked on the net about 2 days before the contest ended. Hell, it was even shown in the December’s production catalog for Crypton. Which mean Zero-G could have made their decision a week before the contest ended. And it really irks me that they didn’t give everyone a fair chance to enter the competition.

Another thing is that for English Vocaloid the box-art is incredibly Japanese looking. So if you had problems trying to tell people that there are no American vocaloids, wait until you have to convince people that Sonika isn’t a Japanese Vocaloid.

And If anyone thinks I’m upset because I didn’t win the contest be aware that I didn’t enter the competiton at all, I already have Sonika, and I can’t draw worth crap.

Also despite what I said about the box-art I have nothing against the artist, I think it looks very beautiful. I just hate how Zero-G didn’t even follow their own rules in their first and probably only Vocaloid contest.

EDIT: As I think about this more, I can’t help but think that Zero-G never really planned to use any of the entries submitted in their contest, it is possible that Mario was working for Zero-G at the start and they used the contest as excused the change to box-art.


Vocaloidism seems to assume that this isn’t the real winner of the contest but just commissioned work.


If you read the link above you will see a forum where a person who works for Zero-G asking for advice on how to promote Engloids. What is interesting is that after posting the, now new Sonika look on the forum The Zero-G employee writes:

it’s one of the many fan-arts that have been accumulating. There is a make over contest… Nothing is official yet.

This remark was made on Nov 27, the image was leaked on Crypton Catalog 28th, contest ended Nov 30th.

Get Your Cosplay On

ACParadise is holding a Vocaloid contest.

1. This contest is open to both MALES and FEMALES, and you must be a registered member of ACP or ACE.
2. Entries must be from the series listed above
3. Entries will be accepted through our contest form only.
4. Entries will be accepted until the deadline listed above.
5. Group entries and pictures are allowed, but one person must be in charge of the group for contact information and prizes.
6. If you are a winner and are not in the US, you must have a US resident receive the prize.
7. Only one contest entry per user member account

Note: Because 99% of Vocaloid stuff is fanmade, The site is allowing all images of Vocaloid. Gender-bents, Spin-offs, clothes from PVs. But any entry must include a reference picture and/or the name of the song that the outfit is based from, along with a website link.

1st Place – Sega’s Hatsune Miku: Project Diva PSP Game Limited Edition (Plus Nendoroid Figure)

For more info please go here.


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